Aircraft Window Repairs Co.





Repairs can be performed at our Torrance, California Repair Station Facility and on the aircraft without removal of the windows. "Road Crews" can be dispatched from our California facility. Call us for your repair options world-wide. References and written quotes are gladly provided.

Our services are available at all of the better maintenance and modification centers as well. Repairs can usually be performed while other scheduled maintenance work or inspections are being completed. Your downtime is minimized.

We offer "rental, loaner and exchange" programs and our "Paint Plug" program eliminates the risk of damage during the aircraft stripping and painting process. Unexpected expense is avoided.


Aircraft Window Repairs
Division of Cupery Corporation
FAA/CRS # XK3R974L / EASA.145.4359
FAA Diamond Award Certificate of Excellence Recipient

2207 Border Avenue
Torrance, CA 90501
Ph: 310-212-7173
Fax: 310-212-0905