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As always, product and service is the best in the industry.

Bob Gaden
Dassault Falcon Jet

Just a brief note that shares my overall satisfaction with your company

1st, I'd like to thank Bob for his high level of professionalism and expertise. I sincerely enjoyed his taking time to meet with me (and wait while I was late) at Torrance airport last week. It was obvious to me that Bob was to be trusted in his evaluation and recommendations. Mega-thanks, Bob.

2nd, I am extremely impressed with Ryan's professionalism and personality. What a superb technician! He did a fantastic job on my aircraft. A window that once looked like it had been exposed to the rigors of war - now looks like a brand-new jewelry store window. Further, his polite demeanor and absolute respect for the aircraft (and its environment) is a true sign of a superior technician - one who is committed to perfection. Two thumbs up, Ryan!

Finally, thanks to Jan for your flawless coordinating efforts! I can see how a team of professionals come to deliver absolute customer satisfaction when lead by a first-rate leader.

Alain J Roy
The Alain J Roy Company

Aircraft Window Repairs is CLEARLY the company to take care of our window needs, capable of meeting our AOG requirements, whether on the aircraft or sent to their facility for overhaul

Mike Zwack

Ranked excellent on quality of workmanship, performed on schedule, professional &, kept informed.
Brian Turner
Harco Aviation LLC

Excellent work and knowledgeable.
Mike Stone
Northrop Grumman Aviation Division

Your quick service & excellent professionalism. Once again it's a pleasure doing business with you.

Rob Lewis
Gulfstream Aerospace

Keep up the good work, and your communication skills (Great!)

Gwen Coney
Dassault Falcon Jet

As always an excellent job. Thank you

Alfredo Fernandez
Gulfstream Aerospace

Hot plate is working fine now & repair was a lot more economical then replacement!

Dave Hladky
Reading Air Charter

To Bob Cupery, Founder of Aircraft Window Repairs:

Congratulations on years of successful business with Aircraft Window Repairs Company! Success in your business does not surprise me after all the excellent maintenance service you provided on the Northrop GII during our travels throughout the world in support of the F-5 aircraft. Best wishes for your continued success!

Thomas V Jones, Past President/CEO
Northrop Corporation

Your landing light lens hard-coating has been of great benefit to Falcon operators by improving durability and reducing maintenance costs. We thank the employees of Aircraft Window Repairs Company for the quality of work and your responsiveness. You have set an enviable standard of excellence for the decades to come.

Peter L. Ginnochio, Senior Vice President of Customer Support
Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation

For years, Aircraft Window Repairs Company has developed innovative new products for all the prestigious corporate aircraft. With each new product, they have set and sustained an unparalleled standard of excellence. When superior product quality and service with integrity are essential, Aircraft Window Repairs Company merits your consideration each and every time. Iím honored to add my personal congratulations on your two decades of support to the aviation community.

Don Short, Former "Air Force One" Pilot
Director of Flight Operations and Chief Pilot,
Retired, Universal Studio

Wish that we had more work that we could send you. Always such a first class operation.

Robert Wright
Bechtel Corporation



Aircraft Window Repairs
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